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women's health

We are lucky enough to have Steph on board as our Women’s Health Exercise Physiologist. She brings 12 years of experience and a whole heap of passion for exercise for, not only the general population, but for women specifically. 


Women go through so many hormonal changes and other health conditions that need their own scope of practice. Steph brings that to SIF through her one-on-one personal training sessions and, also, the women’s health classes.


What do you get when you train with Steph:

  • Top quality training

  • Top quality knowledge

  • Assessments to understand your needs.

  • Tailored programs aimed at achieving your goals and needs.

  • As a mum herself, she is understanding of the rigors of mum life.


Alongside Steph is Meaghan Dambly. Meaghan is a highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructor who also has a passion for women’s health. She is your go-to for the Bums & Tums class, which is a mat Pilates inspired class for women looking to improve their core strength and stability.

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